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#Supporting Literature

#Purple Paper

Here’s our home-baked whitepaper based off of Handshake’s documentation. Our purple paper comes with improved formatting and reworked diagrams to enhance understanding and help demystify the industry’s jargon.

#Handshake Whitepaper

If you are more of a fan of throwback styling and from-the-source information, here is the original whitepaper from the creators of Handshake

#Handshake Reading List

The Handshake community has been busy writing great articles explaining the purpose and technical merits of Handshake. Below are some of our favorites:

The Case for Handshake - Amentum

Handshake, ENS and Decentralized Naming Services Explained - Imran Khan

Everything You Didn’t Know About the Handshake Naming System - Chjango Unchained

The Fall of Certificate Authorities and The Rise of Handshake - Imran Khan

#Documentation and Guides

#HSD Docs

The HSD, or the Handshake Daemon, is the node that powers the blockchain. For an in-depth look on how Handshake’s protocol behaves and its official documentation, checkout their website, or jump straight into their documentation:

#Open Source Projects


HNScan is the official and leading open sourced block explorer for the Handshake blockchain. The Alliance block explorer acts like a search engine that allows users to easily lookup, confirm and validate ownership and transactions that have taken place on the Handshake Blockchain. Take advantage of Handshake without having to run a full Handshake node.


Nomenclate is an indexing server plugin for Handshake. It currently allows querying of address balances, histories, and auction histories. Find it on npm or get it straight from the source below

Or pickup Nomenclate in a convenient JS package. Get it here:

#Testnet Faucet

A simple token faucet that allows devs and users alike to get their hands on some free testnet HNS tokens. Simply provide your address and the site will send you a small portion of a greater pool of accumulated tokens. No sign up or personal information needed!